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As a community-based program, we want to provide the best care we can, which means having qualified personnel, up to date equipment, and the means to provide care quickly and safely in order to save your life and get you to the hospital. However, we are a non-profit organization, with an all-volunteer Board of Directors. We are not concerned with anything more than fulfilling our mission. Any money we receive from transports goes directly into paying our staff, maintaining our equipment, and ensuring we are trained and ready for the next challenge we will face.

Emergency Medical Service costs add up quickly! 


For example*

Life-Saving Transport = $3,000

Average Insurance pays = $1,800

Your "share" = $1,200

and that's just for the ambulance!!

*This is only an example. Actual costs will vary depending on the distance of your transport, the treatments provided, your health insurance provider, your health insurance coverage plan, and current ECA billing rates, which are subject to change.

The Escalon Community Ambulance membership plan can save you money!!


If you have insurance your share after they pay will be waived.

Coverage is good for the entire 12 months of the membership, regardless of how many times you need the ambulance.

Coverage is available for your entire family residing at your address.

When you are a member of ECA, we will send a bill to your insurance for the cost of the ambulance transport. Once we receive payment from them, likely in an amount that is less than we billed, the remaining balance  is waived.

Health insurance coverage can fall short and may not cover all of the ambulance charges. The Escalon Community Ambulance (ECA) Membership Plan offers you and your family a convenient and low cost means of covering some of the ambulance costs.


 In addition to providing you the peace of mind that comes with freedom from worry about uncovered charges, your participation in the plan provides critical financial support for Escalon Community Ambulance’s equipment needs. 

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